1986... the start of the Metal scene in New York City

31 years ago!
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Cat Club NYC   Tommy Gunn with Skidrow

The Cat Club was a very important part of rock and roll history.
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T-Shirt | iPhone Cases | Key Chain

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SOLD OUT! Women's Tee These shirts have not been available for over 29 years!

Did someone steal your cat club tee? Did you lend it to some one to prevent the walk of shame? room mate borrow it but never returned it? or you wore it so many time it just a black tee with white flakes on it?

Well I got you covered! this time I have even better quality tee's
Softer an better brand! And also for woman I have womans vee necks that will fit you right! and you dont have to have that boxy look and when you go to the store they will not say " sir you forgot your change.."

No one else is making these shirts except me. You will not see'em in the Saint Marks chinese knock off shops.
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New Catclub Distressed Case for
iPhone 4, 4S and 5!

These Decorative cases Will bring back memories!
Looks like you had the case since the cat club days... But you know you only had 2 tin cans and a string or a beeper back in the day.

These cases look Distressed for that rock and roll I don't give a shit about how my case looks. If you want something shiny, perfect and clean looking this ain't it!... Go get your self a hello kitty case. Each Case takes about 2 hours to make so there are not that many available Please allow 2 weeks. I can distress it for you or you can have it as is... or distress it your self with some fine sand paper. I make these myself on my 3D printer these are not from china I am making em just for you. Make sure you pick Black or white for your case. If you would like a custom color please let us know (like pink!)

Cases Black - Hard shell

Printing the cases

Right off the printer


Flexible red case.

I am also experimenting with some new rubber filament which is pretty cool! It is very flexible but Harder to print so it will cost a tad more but seem to be able to take a good punishment. I will be making a very small batch of these for every 10 I print I have 3 that fail.

Red flexi iPhone Case

A Cat Key Chain!

puurrrfect for those late nights going home..

The large eyes help you hold your keys when your drunk walking down the street.
So cute you will almost want to cuddle with it! be careful tho the ears are very sharp and hard.
We take no resposibitity if you buy this key chain. by buying this you agree you are on your own..well almost you have your keychain to keep you company and it will never say your butt looks big or leave the seat up.

Key Chain

Self-Defense Keychain (BrandonW6)
CC BY-SA 3.0